About Gamathjonustan


Gámaþjónustan (Gamathjonustan) was founded in 1983 by Benóný Ólafsson its director and principal

owner and began operations in 1984.Today the group employs 150 people in Iceland and operates

widely in Iceland.


General manager is Gunnar Bragason

On the board of directors are: Sveinn Hannesson as chairman, Elías Ólafsson is vice-chairman,

Benony Ólafsson, Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir and Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir are co-directors.

Mainfield of operations is waste management, sorting and recycling: Rental and service of waste

containers of all types and sizes, general waste collection, landfill, rental and service of portable

toilets; street cleaning ;transport of machinery; composting and consulting work.


At Berghella in Hafnarfjördur Gamathjonustan runs a well equipped 2000 sq.m. sorting and transfer

station with Harris baling press for waste and recyclable materials. Collected material from The

Recycle Bin (Endurvinnslutunnan) ", is sorted at Berghella. This popular bin for domestic household

recyclables, offers customers to put "seven categories in the same bin. Timber is crushed at Berghella

with Haas and Morbark crushers and used for landscaping and animal bedding.


Total size og the site is approx. 9 ha.and incorporates a container depot Gamavellir for both

commercial and domestic customers. Over 75 trucks and other machinery is used for the handing

(collection, sorting, baling and composting)  and over 3000 containers of different sizes are in use.

Furthermore, there is a container workshop and the sales department are situated at Ishella in

Hafnarfjörður and truck repair workshop at Sudarvogur Reykjavik where the head offices are also



Totally owned subsidiaries are:

Gamathjonusta Vesturlands ltd in Akranes serving west of Iceland.

Gamathjonusta Vestfjarda sering the peninsula Vestfirðir.

Sorphreinsun Vilhelms Harðarsonar Skagaströnd in the North West of Iceland

Gamathjonusta Nordurlands ltd in Akureyri serving North-East of Iceland.

Sjonaras ltd in Reydarfjordur serving nearby communities.

Efnamóttakan (EFNA ltd.) Collecting and processing hasardous waste and WEEE.

Hafnarbakki – Flutningataekni ltd. A firm dealing with import of equipment for collecting, processing,

sorting and disposal of waste.


Also a wide range of bins and street furnitures. Selling and renting both office and ships containers of

different sizes.